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28 Apr

Imcredo 3rd Anniversary

susanf_SSS_birthdayanimalparade_loresThis March, Imcredo celebrated its 3rd anniversary. 2013 turned out to be a challenging year with much brainstorming, mastering and experimenting to delivering truly successful results. Certainly for the past three years there were many great examples of collaborative teamwork, remarkable projects and endeavors associated with them. Together with Imcredo management team we’ll travel back in time and trace for company’s major achievements, find out about how to build a loyal client base and gain personal and professional competencies.

Luidmila Kiseleva is a company’s founder and Business Development Director with 10-year expertise in Internet marketing. She has successful experiences working as Head of Department in the international IT company and at the fast-developing British business school. You can easily meet Luidmila by attending any prominent marketing conference – she won’t miss a chance to become a part of it (look for her name in the list of speakers first).

Luidmila, how did the idea to start your own company come up? Tell about the company’s name Imcredo?

The idea to launch a company came up naturally. By March 2013 I have already gained valuable work experience, acting as a marketing specialist and a client. It helped me develop a clear vision of how profit-making cooperation on both sides should be managed.

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21 Apr

PPC Keyword Research vs. SEO Keyword Research

KeywordsResearchThe most vital and common activity at the onset of any marketing campaign is profound research on keyword data. By understanding exactly what people are searching for, you can compile a comprehensive list of the most effective SEO words and phrases in terms of business relevance and traffic volume. The challenge is to link the content and the keywords for various web pages, incorporating those terms and phrases into search marketing efforts.

With a PPC campaign, the main objective is to concentrate on keywords that suggest a purchase and hit the bidding. On the other hand, those keywords should yield the highest return to business, thereby increasing leads and sales. Though SEO and PPC complement each other, their keyword research activities are performed in a different manner.
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31 Mar

Future-Proof Link Building

загруженноеAccording to the industry experts, link building is responsible for about 30 percent of the overall score Google grants a website in order to give a ranking. Those who thought that “links can’t hurt you” have learnt good lessons when Panda Penguin came out. And we know that Google has no plan to stop here. In fact, Hummingbird is just few steps away from putting its point across. So the question arises what is the future-proof link building strategy and how to survive the upcoming Google updates?

High-reward links vs. Unnatural links

First, let’s define what are they? There is no exact definition of unnatural links, but there are some characteristics represent them. Such links are scalable, can be automated, over-optimized, with unchanging anchors and built in a certain pattern which Google algorithms can recognize. The website eventually receives unnatural links warning from the search engine and is under a big risk to get penalized and lose the current ranking which ultimately leads to a drop in traffic. Read more

25 Mar

GA ‘not provided’ or ‘not set’ traffic


Google Analytics is considered to be the best service to track website statistics. It allows to define the most effective marketing activities, to identify website traffic trends and another statistics. But sometimes even the most efficient web analytics system fails to show relevant information in its reports: the number of results listed as ‘not provided’ or ‘not set’ is steadily increasing in Google Analytics. As a result, it can be rather challenging to make a precise data analysis.

What does ‘not provided’ identifier mean?

In 2011 Google announced that they started to encrypt visitors’ searches to protect user privacy and limit keyword data by grouping a great number of keywords under ‘not provided’ identifier. In other words, if a user logged in the Google account performs search, the keywords used will not show up in the GA report. Now the percentage of ‘not provided’ traffic may reach up to 80-90% providing no accurate information about website performance in the organic search. Though, it is not true for visits that come from paid search campaigns where keywords are always displayed.
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18 Mar

Organic Traffic Forecasting


The importance of search organic traffic forecasting comes from understanding of its distinctive advantages for both you and your company. By forecasting organic traffic inflow and establishing trends and patterns, you get better insight into your business goals, team performance improvement and the realization of failures in your current projections. The fact that you can revise inaccuracies in SEO strategies and integral processes is a source of increased organic traffic, and, as a result, a key to higher ROI.

Collect the Data and Define Outer Factors

Getting the insight into relevant statistical data is a starting point for your organic traffic forecast. By ensuring accuracy and validity of the collected data, you stand a chance to identify behavior of the search traffic and make the most adequate projections for your traffic increase.
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04 Jun

10 Questions to Ask PPC Company

ppc-managementWhen your business needs to be given a kick start or a seasonal promotion, a PPC campaign is one of the common and effective options. Having basic knowledge in digital marketing or any other reason for outsourcing this service, you would expect to find a PPC company who knows it all. And, yes, we are ‘been there done that’ PPC service provider, but each business has its specifics, aims and goals. In order to achieve the results you need to understand that we are the right choice for running the campaign and we need to know your objectives.

Effective questioning is the way to get these things straight. In a way you are our patient, who needs help. Even if this comparison sounds a bit blunt, as a PPC service provider we need you to come and tell us what your present state is, what ‘pills’ you have already been taken, what you want to achieve from getting treatment, so that we can give ‘prescription’ and monitor you through the whole process while making some adjustments if needed. Sure, you want a professional and trusted doctor you are comfortable to deal with.
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30 May

Link Building Portfolio for Project Management Software Industry

As companies evolve from simply managing their daily activities to recognizing the role of knowledge structuring, the need of in-house research becomes increasingly important. Over the recent months, our company has progressed well with link building campaigns for a range of industries, and we take it seriously to explore and know exactly, what SEO strategies work well for our clients in the most competitive niches.

In our current research, we have selected the top project management software companies, whose range of inbound links varies from 3,000 to 66,000, as acquired with SEOMOz Open Site Explorer, to analyze the specific features of their link building campaigns based on the amount and type of inbound links, external sources, and keyword semantics. Based on the data received, companies in the covered industry require from 15,000 to 20,000 to rank their websites on the Top 10 SERP.
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28 May

What Is It Like To Be a Professional SEO

professional-seoWorking in the SEO industry is becoming a common practice. Many people think that being a SEO professional is a soft job. Nevertheless, being a SEO professional is challenging and stressful. Our Head of SEO Department, Alexey Zolin is a proficient industry expert, who started his professional growth in SEO from scratch. Now he answers the questions about what it is like to be a professional SEO.

How did you become an expert in SEO?

To begin with, one can’t become a SEO specialist right away. As a beginner, you get started with a steady grasp of basic SEO concepts and you can’t get the whole picture from the start. Only with time and experience, these particular facts and pieces of knowledge are merged to help you build a holistic view of SEO in parts. . However, the whole notion of SEO will scarcely take shape yet. And that is the stage of screening, when some of the beginners give up.

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18 Apr

Q1 2013 Content Marketing Trends

To adjust our content marketing plan, we took a closer look at the content marketing trend makers and analysed how leading companies, individual and portals treated content publishing and promotion in Q1 2013.

This research was greatly inspired by ”Optimize”, a thorough and advanced guide for content marketing strategists. We would like to thank the book’s author, Lee Odden , for masterfully outlined content categories which really help structure the research. Our main goal as researches was to define the most typical features and peculiarities of online marketing participants, including major digital marketing companies, popular search engines and famous individual bloggers. We’d like to share with you some of our top research conclusions, which will, hopefully, help those who are developing or updating their content marketing strategy.
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02 Apr

March 2013: TOP Industry Events

march-2013-internet-marketing-industry-newsMarch witnessed a number of important events in the field of digital marketing, including a one-day LinkLove Conference in London, the announcement of the March Mozscape Index, SMX West conference, Panda update 25 and the publication of the top PPC management companies.

Two of these events were of particular interest to us and, as a result, they were analysed in more detail and will be presented in the Editor’s Picks below.
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