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04 Jun

10 Questions to Ask PPC Company

ppc-managementWhen your business needs to be given a kick start or a seasonal promotion, a PPC campaign is one of the common and effective options. Having basic knowledge in digital marketing or any other reason for outsourcing this service, you would expect to find a PPC company who knows it all. And, yes, we are ‘been there done that’ PPC service provider, but each business has its specifics, aims and goals. In order to achieve the results you need to understand that we are the right choice for running the campaign and we need to know your objectives.

Effective questioning is the way to get these things straight. In a way you are our patient, who needs help. Even if this comparison sounds a bit blunt, as a PPC service provider we need you to come and tell us what your present state is, what ‘pills’ you have already been taken, what you want to achieve from getting treatment, so that we can give ‘prescription’ and monitor you through the whole process while making some adjustments if needed. Sure, you want a professional and trusted doctor you are comfortable to deal with.

A PPC company is no different from a doctor in this sense. Being an expert in digital marketing, here are 10 questions we would suggest you to ask any PPC company, including ourselves, before signing off your contract:

What is your company track record?

We read critics review before going to see a movie to get ourselves ready and avoid disappointing things like poor cast or long and boring plot. So surely you would want to know about PPC company’s past campaigns and their results. It gives you an idea on what campaigns they have worked and how successful they have been. Spend some time on a chosen PPC company’s website. Do they put sufficient amount of marketing efforts to it? If not, than how can they improve your business if they have forgotten about their own? Check their landing page, clients’ testimonials, partners, blog, research papers, and case studies if any. Do they keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing? What is the last conference they have attended? These elements will help you understand how progressive the agency is.

Who will lead my PPC campaign?

This question will help you understand the structure of the company and staff expertise. If a company claims to be PPC experts, it surely has an experienced PPC manager and Google certified specialists. A PPC manager is a person who leads your actual campaign and it is a good idea to meet this person or at least arrange a call before you are on the contract with the agency. Find out, if the company provides internal training for junior staff members. Asking this, at first glance irrelevant, you can learn about company’s management attitude towards professional education of all team members.

How do you customize PPC strategy for my campaign?

That is probably became a cliché saying about a PPC campaign but it is so true, so once again, one size does not fit all. Yes, strategy customization is required for each campaign. Different goals and objectives influence the strategy. As a client you need to define the aims: if you want to promote the brand or if you want to increase sales, what is your geo targeting, what is your target audience, who are your competitors. Thus, first make the answers to these questions clear to yourself, so you can pass them to a PPC company. Based on this information, the strategy will be developed.

What will be your bidding strategy?

Bidding strategy is one of the most complex and unclear issues with PPC campaigns. Your campaign bidding strategy is likely to change or adjust over time depending on your business goals and ongoing results. Don’t be surprised if you are suggested to bid higher at the start, since it is necessary in order to get top ad positions for newly created campaigns. Investing a bit more at the beginning will help you earn a high quality score which will eventually lower your cost-per-click rate and you will be paying less for clicks in a longer run. As long as a PPC company has transparency when it comes to billing you can see clearly what you are paying for.

Is my budget sufficient to meet expected results?

Obviously, setting a campaign budget is entirely up to you. But it is good if you have a realistic approach about what financial input gives you desirable results. As much as PPC companies like challenging campaigns we can’t do magic tricks so investing a penny would never make it a million for you.

What do you actually mean by conversion?

It is good to get it straight as what a PPC company considers conversion might not be what you consider a business conversion: traffic, sales, and subscription figures. Often goals assume how the conversion is calculated for the campaign, but if you are unclear on this matter it is important you are being explained.

What can we do to support PPC campaign?

Remember, a PPC company is responsible for bringing traffic but if this traffic doesn’t transform to actual leads or sales you probably have to do some troubleshooting on your side. Your landing page, website and customer service are the first to review. Probably, if your website is not up to the required standards you will be told about it by the company at the start. If not, it is still worth asking for a professional review.

What are the expected timeframes for the campaign?

Depending on objectives, short-term or long-term strategies can be applied. But if you plan to run the campaign tomorrow and see the improvement the day after, forget about it. To be able to talk about success or failure you need to give it time. Be aware of companies which try to bind you with a long-term contract from the beginning. Basically, a six-week pilot period is a norm to get a good understanding of initial campaigns performance and suggest clear and balanced next steps.

How do you track ROI?

Digital marketing is the niche where you can actually measure your campaign efforts. Tracking ROI is a must, as figures will always tell you honest truth on gained value to your business in return for the cost of your ad campaign. Using Google analytics and other tools, reports on ROI and other marketing metrics for performance will be regularly done by a PPC company.

How do you report to us?

Monitoring and tracking your campaign is vital. Even a short-term campaign normally takes six weeks to get first sustainable results so you do have time to change the strategy if the one you have chosen at the beginning doesn’t seem to be working. Monthly progress reports with analysis and commenting is a must for any PPC service provider, while prime class PPC companies additionally provide weekly reporting and updates on the current project position. Particular focus has to be made on your ad campaign during a pilot period.

Have further questions? Arrange a chat with us to discuss your paid traffic needs or leave your comments to this article to discuss the best approach for arranging a PPC campaign with an agency.

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