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Monthly Archive: March 2014

31 Mar

Future-Proof Link Building


According to the industry experts, link building is responsible for about 30 percent of the overall score Google grants a website in order to give a ranking. Those who thought that “links can’t hurt you” have learnt good lessons when Panda Penguin came out. And we know that Google has no plan to stop here. …

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25 Mar

GA ‘not provided’ or ‘not set’ traffic


Google Analytics is considered to be the best service to track website statistics. It allows to define the most effective marketing activities, to identify website traffic trends and another statistics. But sometimes even the most efficient web analytics system fails to show relevant information in its reports: the number of results listed as ‘not provided’ …

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18 Mar

Organic Traffic Forecasting


The importance of search organic traffic forecasting comes from understanding of its distinctive advantages for both you and your company. By forecasting organic traffic inflow and establishing trends and patterns, you get better insight into your business goals, team performance improvement and the realization of failures in your current projections. The fact that you can …

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