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22 Nov

3 Google Analytics Dashboards for PPC Specialists

ppc-google-analyticsSince we have discovered that Google Analytics can be helpful for SEO specialists, I just had to create some similar piece of web analytics art for those who use PPC for website promotion.

As I said in the previous article, custom dashboards is where your fantasy can fly, but at first we need to determine the specific metrics and areas which are necessary for really useful and meaningful dashboards.

So, an average PPC specialist can be interested in:

1. The detailed information about all PPC Campaigns components such as:

  • Ad groups
  • Ad contents
  • Keywords
  • Ads positions

2. The “perfect time” (the most click able and converted) for your paid ads
3. The PPC information on different geographical areas

As a tradition, the first dashboard plays a role of a common PPC activity indicator. It is called “General” – check it if you need to form an overall opinion. Here you will find main stand-alone metrics and metrics in comparison.


If you find it useful, you can apply it to your site using this link:


The second dashboard’s name is a little bit intriguing – “From Campaign to Ad content”. My imagination draws here a long line through the desert of PPC data. Don’t worry – you will get just particular data on all PPC campaigns components. With the help of this dashboard it is simple to find the best Campaign, Ad group and Ad content both in a graphical and tabular form in just a few seconds. Just enjoy analyzing!


If you like this dashboard, here you go:


The third and the last dashboard may be not as cool as a previous one from the graphical point of view, but it is extremely meaningful. The “Efficiency” dashboard gives an overview of the most profitable ads placements, the best time of day, day of week, etc. for your business. Find out where and when your potential customers come across your ads.


If you need this dashboard, click the link below:


Remember that you have to get the up-to-date information about all aspect of your website’s activity. The dashboards described above are a good way to monitor PPC advertising as a part of such activity and to understand how the invested money works for you.

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