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25 Oct

5 Tips to Improve Your AdWords Ads

google-adwordsFor Internet users the biggest part of your AdWords campaign remains behind the scene, while an ad is its only visible element. They judge you by only 4 text lines of your ad copy: the headline, 2 description lines and display URLs, and that is all to impress them.

Here we are with some extra tips about how to improve your ads and make them more eye-catching to users.

1.   Organize your keywords in tightly relevant ad groups. It sounds trite, but it really guarantees success. A detailed structure will let you write more relevant ads according to your keywords.


Ad group Socks: red socks, green socks, buy red socks, red striped socks, green checked socks.


Ad group Red Socks: red socks, buy red socks, red striped socks.

Ad group Green Socks: green socks, green checked socks.

2.     Use more than 1 keyword in the ad: there may be 2 or 3 most popular keywords in the copy. You can analyze the keywords popularity through AdWords Keyword Tool.

For example:

Ad group Red Socks: red socks for men, red socks, red toe socks, buy red socks, long red socks, red wool socks.

According to Keyword Tool the most popular keywords are red socks, red socks for men, buy red socks. Try to use all of them in your ad.

3.   Use Keyword Insertion in the ad headline, it will customize your ad according to the user’s query. But keep an eye on the keywords you’ve added to the ad group: if the search query matches any of your keywords, they will be put in the headline by the system. That’s why I would not recommend you adding misspelt keywords or interrogative keywords such as “byu socks” or “where to buy red socks” to the ad group, otherwise these will be precisely your copy headlines. It’s not that catching, is it?

4.   Use your Display URL as an additional text line and insert another popular keyword.

5.    Try to finish the first description line with a full stop or question mark if you want your ads to look like this:


instead of this:


A completed first description line can become a headline and make your whole ad much more attractive. If you would like to place an exclamation mark in your ad, you’d better do it at the end of the 2nd line, since Google AdWords automatically takes it off when transforming your 1st line into the headline. As a result, you can get an ad with no exclamation mark at all.

Use these tips to optimize your AdWords ads – they have been tested for many times, and each of them proved its effectiveness.

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