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15 Nov

5 Tips to Make Your Facebook Timeline Great

facebookIt’s true that since Facebook introduced Timeline early in 2012, there has been much buzz around it. This visual turn has a huge impact on businesses, and their fan page now just HAD to accept it or… lose it. Months over months we’ve been keeping an eye on these major changes, and now compiled a list of tips that will help you stay relevant and make your Facebook fan page really engaging.

Tip #1. More pictures

We’re living in the era of visualization. According to some marketing assumptions, Facebook users spend just a few seconds assessing your fan page before leaving it. But you can make them stay. There’s no such other powerful medium as images – it takes just one glance to get hooked. Don’t forget to use this channel and turn your fan page into a bountiful kaleidoscope of funny and eye-catching pictures that will turn everyone’s eyes to your business. Make them viral – Facebook users are getting lazier, and your engaging pictures will require just one click to get shared. Over and over.

Here is the list of Facebook Timeline areas where you can upload your image:

  • Cover and profile photo (851×315; 180×180 respectively) – tell about your business more in pictures! You may not sell through them, but rather make your corporate culture more visible.
  • Milestone picture (843×403) – illustrate your history, customers are eager to get behind the scenes!
  • Status update picture (960×720; 403×403 for pinned pictures) – your status is catchier when it’s visualized.

Tip #2. Got a picture? There’s more to do with it!

It’s nice that you followed our tip #1 and uploaded a few pictures. But when it comes to Facebook Timeline, your opportunities here are practically unlimited. Manage your pics wisely to get more of it:

Pin to top: Click the “Edit or remove” button on the right of your post and choose “pin to top” option. This will be the first image your fan page visitors will see.

Reposition your photo: Click the same button to adjust your photo. Get it cropped properly and make it more entertaining. Note – in the newsfeed the image will be still full-sized.

Highlighting: It takes just one click to highlight your post and stretch it across your fan page for more visibility. It works especially well with photo albums.


Tip #3. Cross-link your social profiles

If you’ve got your brand account on Twitter or Pinterest, or run a corporate blog, link them to your Facebook! It’s easier than it seems: there is a plenty of free integration tools that will help you launch an app or two. It will look like this:


The more social profiles are integrated, the more cross-platform followers you’ll get.

Tip #4. Launch a promo-app

Custom applications on Facebook are a cornerstone of fan engagement. You cannot be truly successful unless you offer something unique to your prospects. Besides, a plain fan page with no eye-catching applications can even turn Facebook users from you. They are selective!

It can be whatever you want – a free prize draw, a giveaway, a photo contest… Be inventive and generous. Get your web-designer to make a bright introduction page with a “like-us-first” option. With a bit of luck and diligence you’ll be able to generate your community exponentially!

You can find more about Facebook apps HERE.

Tip #5. Keep your posts scheduled

It may be a bit frustrating to see your page abandoned. Don’t forget to keep it relevant and regularly updated. There are many free third-party post scheduling tools like HotSuite, etc., but you can do pretty well with a Facebook own option. Your post scheduling button is right here:


Schedule your posts depending on the top activity of your fans and get more feedback at the right time.

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