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29 Oct

5 Twitter Mistakes to Lose Your Followers



Every commercial brand on Twitter struggles to keep its audience. For some companies it is a real pain, since people unfollow them with no apparent reason, while others thrive with their multi-thousand community of dedicated followers and exponentially growing sales. Here we are with top 5 mistakes you should avoid to retain your precious followers.

Mistake 1: Automatic direct messages

Although it is great to receive a decent “thank you for following Xbrand”, any of the messages you send directly to your followers should be as personalized as possible. Show your human side – people hate being treated just as any others. Point out the value you put into every follower. And call him/her to action: visit, read, learn, buy and then… buy again. Don’t waste any opportunity to lead them to your website.

Mistake 2: Hashtag stuffing

It is natural that you want your tweets to be found easily, but don’t get on everyone’s nerves posting something like “I couldn’t believe my eyes! #joy #photo # kids #mommy”. After all, that’s annoying. You’d better use hashtags for entering conversations, for example, via ( – this hashtag service may be helpful in many ways.

Another alternative to hashtag stuffing is kicking off your own trend. Tweet #MeetYourCompany and start telling people true stories of your business success. Share 140-character tips for your colleagues (if you’re B2B), or invent legends about your best products (if you’re B2C).

Mistake 3: Too many tweets

Don’t be a number one candidate for Spammer of the Year. Good timing for your tweets is as important as tweets themselves. Use tweet scheduling services based on the maximum activity range of your followers, and post tweets that are visible to the largest number of people. Clogging your followers’ feed with dozens of tweets at a time won’t make you any good, but on the contrary will lead to unfollowing.

Mistake 4: Too little tweets

Don’t make your followers forget about who you actually are. If you have run out of brilliant tweeting ideas, you can always re-tweet someone or post a link to your web-source. Be inventive: use pictures and videos to get people engaged. But be careful: posting too much third-party content can distract your followers from YOUR brand.

Mistake 5: Endless Automated Tweets

We know you are technologically savvy, but please don’t irritate your followers with endless tweets from automated online services you’re registered at. FourSquare, Instagram and Pinterest are great as stand-alone applications, but can ruin your credibility with Twitter followers. Indeed, they are not interested in where you have dined today or what shoes you wear. Stay brand-focused and don’t mess up with unrelated information.

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