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14 Jan

Be in The Know: Top Social Media Blogs for Beginners



Regardless of how “pro” you feel on social media, it is never too late to learn from those who have gained far greater outreach in social networking than we do. In the recent Mashable’s article on useful tech habits, learning something new on a regular basis was listed among the major success factors. In the ever-evolving world of Internet marketing you can afford missing some important news, like Facebook Timeline changes or Twitter’s new advertising opportunities. You can say it will take a hundred years to learn everything? Nope. You need not learn everything, just the most important news from your specialization.

We’ve compiled a list of top blogs (no ranking, just a list) for social media marketers of both personal and corporate resources so that you can always be in the know. You won’t surely miss a thing subscribing to the following:

Hubspot Internet Marketing Blog

Hubspot has gained a good deal of the software development market and now is going on to share its expertise with those involved in Internet marketing. Regularly updated and frequently compelling, Hubspot blog has the potential to provide a real insight into the company masterminds’ activities and strategic thinking. However, the blog is too “Hubspot-centric”. Well, you couldn’t expect anything else form a corporate blog.

Social Media Today

Just as its title suggest, this blog is all about the latest social media news. As a great chance to get a sneak peek of all the underwater streams and trends of social media marketing, it couldn’t be more helpful. The blog is broken to several categories, where you will be able to find rule-of-thumb tips and overviews for your everyday social routine.


This largest blog on technologies and social media world serves as an industry watchdog when it comes to the slightest innovation and change occurring online. Mashable is always here to present you with the freshest trends and serve you both statistical and analytical data which can help you in the course of your work. The social media section is represented by the categories broken down according to a specific social network, while other pages will easily give you an understanding of major Internet and tech tendencies. The only thing that annoys me is their never-ceasing fascination with the minor issues which could have been successfully skipped. As a result, the website looks a bit chock-full, which is pretty enough to get lost.

Social Media Examiner

The greatest advantage of the folks running Social Media Examiner is the invention of Networking Clubs. Taking a little from the LinkedIn concept and a little from general forums from the early 2000s, these networking clubs provide an easy opportunity to communicate with other professionals in the field, exchange opinions and share the experience. It’s truly helpful, especially for social media beginners.

Brian Carter

It’s always intriguing to get behind the scenes and to learn more first-hand. Brian Carter, one of today’s major speakers on social media in the world, gladly shares tips and tricks, while taking a near-scientific approach to studying the economy evolving around social media. His books on social media for business have become bestsellers, and he’s keeping on sharing his professional vision on Twitter and Facebook.

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