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16 Nov

Best Practices for Remarketing

google-adwords-remarketing Remarketing is not a new option provided by Google AdWords and it allows an advertiser to literally chase people who have visited the website before, with ads across the entire Google Display Network. Hope you have already used this feature in you AdWords campaign, and now it’s time to upgrade your skills with some fresh ideas in this post.


  • Making special offers

Imagine the following situation: there is a user who has visited pages with the products you have enough in stock and would like to promote. It could be one particular product or even a group of them. So, you should make a separate remarketing list where you add all users that visited the pages with those goods and did not buy them. After users leave your site without making a conversion (for example, purchasing), you start showing them an ad with a special offer like, for example,  a discount, +1 extra unit, free shipping, etc.  You can make it a limited offer and disclose this information only to users from your AdWords remarketing list, while hiding it from other visitors of you website.

  • Offering related products

If you have some extra service or goods that supplement your basic product, you can also use remarketing to promote them. For example, you can create a remarketing list for people who visited pages with digital cameras and buy one. Then you can show them an ad with such related goods as storage batteries or cases. In addition you can combine this scenario with the previous one and add some bonuses.

  • Attracting audience from another website

The idea is the following: you gather audience from a third-party website to the remarketing list in your AdWords account and then show users the ads leading to your own site. To do this, you should have the access to the website which audience you’re going to gather. It could be another website of your own or your business partner’s website.

First, you should go to your AdWords account and create a new remarketing list by generating a new remarketing tag. Then you or your business partner should place this code on the site, and very soon you will see the first users in your new remarketing list.

This scenario is a bit more complicated than the two above, since you should get permission from other people to place your code on their websites. Sometimes it is not an easy job to do. But if you are lucky, this scenario will help you to expand the audience of your own website and attract new visitors.

Remarketing is a cool option to improve your online advertising; you can create any remarketing lists, explore different combinations of them and test all possible ads – feel free!

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