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06 Mar

Digital Marketing Trends 2013: Social Buzz Is New PR, Brands Are New Media



Why digital?

Online, Mobile, Social – this cross-platform approach revitalizes the term of Internet marketing as we know it, forcing brands to stretch out to their audiences via multiple channels. The question is what is dominant in this trio, and what will shape the future of marketing. The overview you see below is an attempt to put together and analyze the new marketing paradigm tackling this question.


Online platforms are now frequently viewed as traditional media comparing to the rise of Mobile and Social, where the Online factor is greatly referred to search engine optimisation and targeting techniques for PC and laptop users. The debates about the future of link building do not cease, but everyone is certain: SEO’s should adapt early to the “content shift”, serving not only relevant, but useful and share-worthy information.

Brands as media

We’re living in the times when everything is marketable. Self-promotion is accessible for anyone able to type and click. As a result, brands are stepping into the area where the press has been long thriving. With more and more companies and agencies sharing “behind the scenes” with their audience via blogs, editorial content becomes quite a frequent occurrence. Forbes even foresees the rise of a new media establishment of professional bloggers, responsible for crafting public opinion on the Internet, yet failing to shatter the status quo.

Personalized Content

The “content shift” takes us on to personalization. Auctionable advertising (real-time bidding), remarketing and content tailoring are now employed more frequently than ever. Amazon is the most common example, delivering the content precisely based on the user’s data.  Yahoo! Finance calls it “dynamic content”, implying that brands are to come up with not only differentiated advertising on the classic targeting scale, but also with differentiated content and even the website layout. LinkedIn demonstrated one of the most accessible options by allowing businesses to tailor their services display for up to 30 different target audiences.


Mobile marketing is all the rage now, and is supposed to become the hottest trend for 2013. It is estimated, there are more than nine billion connected devices worldwide, and this number keeps growing. Mobile compatibility is no longer an option but a must. What is called responsive website design is in fact automated customization for tablet and mobile users, which allows to leverage user experience and drive more traffic (read, leads) to your website. Another chance to step into the mobile field is to launch brand apps (most preferably for Android and Apple users), although many digital marketers point out their excessiveness and low use rates. Still, by ignoring your opportunities for mobile optimisation, your business will probably miss a greater part of today’s Internet audience.


The Social aspect of digital marketing is getting less chaotic and more structuralized and controlled. With a greater focus on social engagement data, Social becomes predictable and organized, which makes it no longer a buzz but an orderly public relations.

The almighty trio of social data, analytics and technology will drive digital marketers onto a new project management level, which will take more in-house consolidation efforts. A new class of community managers is growing from companies’ own external communication specialists who also combine analytic and technological skills.

Content Reigns

This is quite a natural conclusion made from all of the above mentioned facts. Creating attention-worthy content seems to be the only way for brands to intervene in today’s digital marketing world on equal terms. This approach is proven to bring success, ensuring you speak the common language with your audience. Coupled with advanced communication strategies aimed to share useful information as well as to listen, your user-oriented data-driven tactics will lead you to take the right direction in 2013 and on.

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