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05 Nov

Google Analytics: Dashboards for SEO

google-analyticsThere are so many various features and functions in Google Analytics that sometimes you run the risk of drowning in this ocean of data. If you have no time to look through all standard reports, you’d better collect all required dimensions and metrics and create your own custom dashboard.

Custom dashboards are where your fantasy can fly. Every specialist can adjust them for particular purposes and business processes. Let’s see how to create a custom GA dashboard for SEO.

Let’s define areas which may be interesting for SEO specialists:

  • Organic traffic sources
  • Best-performing keywords which send target traffic to your site
  • Top countries
  • Landing pages
  • The number of visits and conversions

Keeping all these dimensions and metrics in mind, I have created several dashboards with overviews of the points important for SEO. Let’s take a look at them.

I call the first Dashboard “TOP-6”. It includes the 6 winners in such categories as keywords, countries, organic sources and landing pages. On this dashboard you will quickly find all the best parameters.

Take a look at the final dashboard:



You can easily apply this dashboard to your website via the link below:

SEO Dashboard (TOP-6)

The second dashboard I want to show you is called “Content”. It will help you to find “good” and “bad” pages and to control the quality of SEO traffic coming to the website.

Here is the “Content” dashboard:


Try to apply it to your website:

SEO Dashboard (Content)

The next dashboard will be useful to evaluate the traffic coming from Google only. If your main goal is to reach the Google’s top, the dashboard below will help you to figure out top Google keywords, the quality of Google traffic (including content and conversions metrics) and the best countries.


Link to the “Google” dashboard:

SEO Dashboard (Google)

Note that you can change Google for any other search engine and you will get the required information.

And the final hit – Mix-Dashboard which will let you carry out a quick analysis of SEO traffic in various directions:


Here it is:

SEO Dashboard

Although it is up to you how to collect and analyze your web-statistics, I am pretty sure that GA dashboards will not be unnecessary on the way to improve your service.

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