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13 Dec

Google Analytics Dashboards for SMM Specialists

smm-google-analyticsSince social media marketing becomes more and more popular, we try to use it in promotion strategies. Google Analytics team also tries to follow the modern trends; they create various possibilities to track social activities so businesses can measure the efficiency of their social promotion.

In Google Analytics you can find several reports in the “Traffic Sources” section, under the “Social” tab. I am pretty sure that you will be happy with all the information presented in the standard reports, but some of SMM specialists (or business owners, for example) still need a quick access to social data. That’s why I’d like to present GA dashboards for SMM specialists.

First of all, it wouldn’t be bad to figure out some metrics and dimension which are used in social reports. Here we are:

    1. Social action – the social action that occurred (tweet, like, share, +1)

  1. Social source – the social source where social actions occurred (an important point whichdifferentiates “Source” and “Social source”)
  2. Social network – the social network where the activity originated
  3. Social entity – the page (i. e. URL) or entity that was shared.

Well, now we are ready to enjoy SMM dashboards. Unfortunately, there are not so many dimensions and metrics combinations for us to create a lot of various dashboards. I want to offer two dashboards, but I am sure that they will show you all the required social data.

As a tradition, let’s start with a general SMM dashboard.

As you can see, I have mentioned almost all important points: social sources and actions, visits from social networks and their conversion rates, shared URLs and so on. The most interesting point on this dashboard for me is the “Visits and social actions” widget: you can compare how many times your visitors have shared your content on a particular social network with the number of visits from this network.

So check all the data, compare social actions, visits and conversions and make a right strategic decision!

Click on the link below to try it for your profile:


The second cool dashboard will help you evaluate the efficiency of social activity on a specific social network.

In my example there is a Facebook data, but you can change the network by choosing other filter patterns.


If you like this dashboard, feel free to use it:


Don’t forget to diversify your Internet promotion strategy on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to use new methods and ways of communication with your customers. And, finally, don’t be lazy to measure the success. The SMM dashboards will help you on this way!

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