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21 Jan

Google Analytics Interface Update

google-analytics-dashboardLast week the Google Analytics team made a few serious changes in the user interface. I suggest you to view the main points and to apply them in practice.

Navigation Changes

The first one – and very useful for me – is the new “Home” button. This button is completely different from the “Home” tab in the previous interface – it won’t show you all your dashboards, real time reports, shortcuts and intelligence reports, but it will forward you to the list of all account and profiles. To my mind, a quick access to this information is a significant improvement.

As you can see, the old “Home” with dashboards, real time reports, shortcuts, etc. tab is gone. Now you can access all the reports listed above in general “Reporting tab” under the section “My Stuff”.


Note that “My Stuff” includes dashboards, shortcuts and intelligence events. Real-time reports are now available in the “Standard Reports”. By the way, do you remember that “Real-time Analytics now obeys your profile filters!”? google-analytics-dashboard-my-stuff

Here at this moment many PPC specialists should scream – Where is the “Advertising” section with all Google AdWords information? Just open “Traffic Sources” section. “Advertising” is no more a separate section. From one hand, this migration will boost the time of searching for the required AdWords report, but on the other hand such new gradation looks much more logical. google-analytics-dashboard-advertising

By the way, if you bother about custom reports, don’t be afraid – you will find them under the “Customization” tab on the main navigation panel.

And now, try to scroll the page. It seems to be an imperceptible change, but I have already fell in love with it. While scrolling, the main navigation remains pinned. It’s pretty cool for our adorable “quick access to the data”, don’t you think so?

Other Interface Changes

Here are interesting changes in date ranges.

google-analytics-dashboard-date-ranges The most useful point from here: you can compare one period to the previous one or to the same date range in the previous year. It’s extremely helpful for businesses that are affected by seasonality.

But we have the leader in changes – meet the updated dashboards. google-analytics-seo-dashboard The main changes in the dashboards:

  1. New design – widgets look a little bit more stylish… maybe
  2. Do you see the new “Customize dashboard” button in the upper right corner? google-analytics-customize-dashboard

This button will give you a power to choose different layout options like these: google-analytics-layout-options

So you can change the look of your dashboard in such a way:

alytics-seo-dashboard-variationAs you see from my previous articles, I am pretty crazy about dashboards, so I like this modification a lot. It gives a possibility to create a more beautiful and convenient dashboard.

  1. The ability to apply advanced segments to dashboards

Here the only thing we have to do is to say thanks to the Google Analytics team. They allow us to make just fantastic tricks with collected information. This is another great possibility to structure the data just the way you want.

  1. We have 2 new types of widgets! google-analytics-dashboard-widgets

The widget “Geomap” will help you to create a simple geographical map. You can specify country/territory, region, city and so on. google-analytics-dashboard-widgets-geomap

The other new widget “Bars” is a bar graph tool. Using this widget you can pivot data, display it in different orientations and so on. OK, sounds pretty good.

Let’s try it in practice.

The widget #1 will have the following parameters: google-analytics-dashboard-widgets-bar

The widget #2 will have the following parameters: google-analytics-dashboard-widgets-bar-settings Now, let’s take a look at what we have done: google-analytics-dashboard-widgets-bar-layout


As you can see, now we have even more nice tools to organize and group our data. The changes are not huge and fundamental, but they improve user experience. New additional functions are quite simple to understand and to use in practice.

Have fun with new Google Analytics!

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