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28 Apr

Imcredo 3rd Anniversary

susanf_SSS_birthdayanimalparade_loresThis March, Imcredo celebrated its 3rd anniversary. 2013 turned out to be a challenging year with much brainstorming, mastering and experimenting to delivering truly successful results. Certainly for the past three years there were many great examples of collaborative teamwork, remarkable projects and endeavors associated with them. Together with Imcredo management team we’ll travel back in time and trace for company’s major achievements, find out about how to build a loyal client base and gain personal and professional competencies.

Luidmila Kiseleva is a company’s founder and Business Development Director with 10-year expertise in Internet marketing. She has successful experiences working as Head of Department in the international IT company and at the fast-developing British business school. You can easily meet Luidmila by attending any prominent marketing conference – she won’t miss a chance to become a part of it (look for her name in the list of speakers first).

Luidmila, how did the idea to start your own company come up? Tell about the company’s name Imcredo?

The idea to launch a company came up naturally. By March 2013 I have already gained valuable work experience, acting as a marketing specialist and a client. It helped me develop a clear vision of how profit-making cooperation on both sides should be managed.

As for the brand name, it stands for the acronym “internet marketing” (IM) and “credo” which crossed my mind and reflected my life philosophy.

What is the biggest difficulty you find as the Head of the company?

The toughest challenge was to share expertise with team members and build a reasonable model of business processes, so that they ensure the highest quality of services and customer satisfaction. Right from the start I have developed in-house training system so that all newcomers could grasp different marketing concepts, get familiar with the company’s business processes and then fully canvass all techniques in practice.

At the end of the day, the biggest difficulty for me as a chief was to delegate authority and stay uninvolved, when it is required. It is still hard for me sometimes, but I am getting there. :)

What has changed in the company during the 3-year period? Tell us about your team.

Well, our team has grown bigger. :) We have a healthy balance between professional expertise and personal relationships, which I do truly value. It’s a great delight to see people raise their professionalism in the scope and complexity of projects. Along with professional development, we continuously succeed in building out a strategic management team, which have always been a primary focus for me.

Roman Minin, Imcredo CEO, manages the company’s internal processes. Roman is a qualified expert in search optimization and web analytics with over 5 years of experience in the industry. He is actively engaged in business development and takes part in business events and conferences.

Roman, your professional success story can serve as a bright example of how to develop from a SEO specialist to a company’s CEO. Tell us about your career path at Imcredo.

I came to Imcredo as a SEO specialist, when the company has operated for no more than 2 weeks. With 2-year experience, I did a great deal of groundwork that helped me get into some key points of the marketing process much quicker and I had many chances to prove myself professionally. It seems I succeeded in doing that! :)

As long as we progressed in the number of projects, the company obtained a full-fledged team of talented SEO specialists. And I got started on my career path as Head of SEO Department. This role helped me to see a bigger picture: in many projects SEO was just a part of integrated strategy across few marketing channels. So I was gaining experience in business processes and professional techniques of other departments and specialists. I was challenged to manage several projects and project teams at once. It was hectic at times, but really worthwhile experience at the end. I gained a better understanding of the business and improved my communication skills. The latter, actually, always helps me get out a message to team members and sometimes talk them over, when it’s necessary.

As the company grew, I got involved in other internal business activities and started to take part in strategic business development. That’s how I became Managing Director and, finally, Imcredo CEO.

They say you shouldn’t forget your roots. :) What does a truly interesting SEO project mean to you?

Over the last three years we have been working on different projects in terms of scope and complexity. As a rule, challenging integrated projects with clearly identified goals provide the best groundwork for critical and analytical thinking. When you plan and manage long-term projects, you can measure progress towards client’s business. Our portfolio covers high profile clients that have successfully cooperated with us for more than 2 years. We do our business by doing the best job we can for our clients. :)

It goes without saying that meaningful partnership is the foundation for success. What is your approach to building effective cooperation with clients?

The reality is that business relationships are just like any other relationships. We establish strong and transparent partnerships with clients on every stage of the project flow. As they develop more insight into the scope of our work, we can create a strong sense of trust through accessible communications and actionable reporting on the performance data. It is actually what our approach to Internet marketing services is based on.

Oksana Sosnovskaya is Senior Business Analyst at Imcredo. Metrics and charts is her passion. Professionally, it is true that Imcredo and Google Analytics have raised Oksana, and their cooperation is rewarding in many ways. :)  Besides, Oksana is involved in web analytics training and participates in professional conferences and workshops.

Oksana, how long have you been working in the company? How did you grow your career in business analysis?

For me, professional development at Imcredo coincided with company’s growth. I have been at Imcredo since its foundation, and I consider it to be a formidable advantage. My career in business analysis was rather twisty, as I tried my hand at link building, copywriting and other business activities. However, figures and charts captivated me completely. :)

What is the biggest strength and weakness of web analytics in your opinion?

In my view, weakness as well as strength mainly lay in the diversity of data to be analyzed. On the one hand, a multitude of business data uncovers better opportunities to get to the bottom of the matter. On the other hand, you can get easily trapped in numbers and figures and, as a result, turn the wrong direction. Therefore, web analytics can be tricky, and it is crucially important to make suggestions based on facts and relevant data.

What achievements were the most prominent in your professional success?

One of the first and most important achievements for me as a business analyst was a passing grade on Google Analytics IQ in 2011. It was a great accomplishment for me.

I made a great progress, when I started to provide training in web analytics, read webinars and take part in conferences. The ability to make the audience want to listen to you, remember and act on the information you share is a great challenge. As I proceed with teaching activities, I gain positive feedback from students and can rely on them. They serve as the best incentive for continuous improvement.

As a matter of fact, clients drive our business strategies to achieving success and excellence in everything we do. Increase in traffic, conversion rates can be considered a great achievement on the side of Imcredo and our clients.

Olga Trayanovskaya manages PPC Department and deals with internal marketing activities and clients’ projects. Olga knows everything related to paid advertising and cost-effective budget management on Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Vkontakte and Linkedin. Along with deep professional interest in PPC, Olga is keen on active leisure and her dog Terry.

Olga, now you are Head of PPC Department. What was your starting point at Imcredo?

I have been working at Imcredo since June, 2011. At that time I was a fresh grad and was looking for a good job, while doing some freelance work. When I saw Imcredo hire, I applied for a vacancy, did a test job and found my footing at PPC Department. Right from the start, I had no idea of what paid advertising is all about and grasped the basics from the scratch. As I got involved in a variety of projects, I acquired higher level skills, expertise and qualifications. Well, I have made excellent progress so far. :)

Let’s speak about PPC Department. How many people are working in there? What is your approach to maintaining high-level proficiency of your team members?

By now, PPC Department consists of four members, including me. We strive to improve our professional commitment by joining challenging projects and upgrading our skills in internal marketing activities. Paid advertising is a dynamic marketing segment, and you need stay updated on best practices in your field through annual conferences, newsletter and workshops.

You have had your fair share of tough projects. Tell us about your favorite one among them? :)

One of my most difficult was a major project of online video service. I can clearly remember it was a great summer days in 2012. People were out and about enjoying warm weather. Some of my colleagues were leaving for vacations, while I was sitting in the office and grappled with keywords, ads, AdWords Editor, Google AdWords and Google Analytics. I spent a long and fruitful time working on that particular project and it was rather self-rewarding to get client’s satisfaction at the end. So that summer has been my favorite so far. Let’s see what’s the upcoming one brings to me! :)


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