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30 May

Link Building Portfolio for Project Management Software Industry

As companies evolve from simply managing their daily activities to recognizing the role of knowledge structuring, the need of in-house research becomes increasingly important. Over the recent months, our company has progressed well with link building campaigns for a range of industries, and we take it seriously to explore and know exactly, what SEO strategies work well for our clients in the most competitive niches.

In our current research, we have selected the top project management software companies, whose range of inbound links varies from 3,000 to 66,000, as acquired with SEOMOz Open Site Explorer, to analyze the specific features of their link building campaigns based on the amount and type of inbound links, external sources, and keyword semantics. Based on the data received, companies in the covered industry require from 15,000 to 20,000 to rank their websites on the Top 10 SERP.

Analysis on the type of inbound links

Based on the qualitative analysis of inbound links to the company’s websites, they were classified into the following types: anchors, brands, brand+anchors, hyperlink, images and other. The priority of inbound links, as received from the company’s link building research, can be seen in diagram 1.


Diagram 1. Types of Inbound Links

Such types of inbound links as brands, anchors and images have the highest priority, with the next-highest precedence given to other types not mentioned in the current research. Hyperlinks and brand+anchors comprise about 3% and 4% of total inbound links accordingly, designated as the lowest link building priority to the project software industry.

Analysis on the type of external sources

Analyzing the placement of inbound links among the leading industry companies, the following classification of external sources has been provided: natural links, catalogs, link exchange/paid links, blogs, content marketing and forums. The goal was to understand which external sources produce the most of web traffic and which of them should be considered the highest practical value to use for link building strategies in project management software.types-of-external-sources

Diagram 2. Types of External Sources

In the diagram above you can track relevance of external traffic sources. They are listed in the descending order, from highest to lowest priority: content marketing, natural links, catalogs, blogs link exchange/paid links and forums. Judging by the diagram, traditional methods of link building among project software developing companies have the lowest input.

Analysis on keyword semantics

Semantic groups of keywords define those keywords which describe services in the covered industry. According to specific semantic structure, the following groups of keywords were distinguished: project management, project management software, project management software online, best project management software and project management tools.


Diagram 3. Keyword Semantics

As seen from above diagram, project management software provides the highest link building potential of all other semantics groups. Project management is considered the lowest priority, making up only 1% of all keyword groups. The above mentioned classification focuses on those semantic groups of keywords with the highest search volume, which has practical value for keyword research with additional semantic keyword enhancements.


Based on the acquired research data, we can conclude that the highest competitive project software management companies tend to rely on the latest most progressive methods and concepts of link building development and implementation. Based on the research results, link building strategies should combine traditional SEO methods, content marketing and social media, as basic sources of web traffic acquisition and brand promotion.
Traditional link building methods include:

  • Forums
  • Blog commenting

As for content marketing and social media, it implies promotional material writing in the following SEO content categories:

  • Press-releases
  • Other
  • Lenses

Social media includes ongoing link building activities in Facebook and Twitter, as the most influential channels of communication with customers and partners.

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