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29 Jan

Living in a Project-Based World, or What Really Builds Business Expertise



The larger (and older) the business is, the more routine is the process of taking a new project on board. With established sales and project launch stages, all processes go in a semi-automatic way and grounds for getting a chill of challenge spirit run rather thin.

Things can be quite different for a smaller and younger business, where literary every new project is in fact a challenge. Starting from the sales point, and getting to the actual project implementation, such business is very likely  to get into a risky zone of missed deadlines, inability to communicate the project needs clearly and, what’s more important, undermine client relationships.

Nevertheless, this exercise is rather for the good for an agency business, and here’s why:

1. Every new project makes an agency business face a client’s business. Pretty much like meeting someone new, with all his or her previous experience, current circumstances, needs, hopes and expectations. Apart from broadening horizons, such meetings usually lead to knowledge exchange, both industry and general business.

2. Most of new projects come from unexplored business niches, living according to their own laws. This is usually a great opportunity for an agency to see how the current expertise and legacy service delivery processes can be applied at a new field, and discover new techniques and service shortcuts.

3. New projects = new expertise. Running a project together, both businesses acquire invaluable insights into each other’s comms rules, human resources and relationships management tactics, and, what’s more important, business processes.

4. Building a network is key. Most of the time, even if a project goes not that smoothly, both agency and client get new connections expanding their business network and potentially bringing new projects for both businesses.

Looking back at our clients portfolio and projects we worked (and are working) at, I can not underestimate the mutual impact these projects had both for IMCREDO as an agency, and for our clients. I can’t say it’s been an easy road, but there’s one thing that makes me think that we are on the right track. This is our ability to add value to our clients’ businesses, capitalising on our team expertise, and spicing up our everyday agency life with professional challenges we are facing.

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