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08 Feb

My Copywriting Manifesto



…and somewhere along these lines you’ll get convinced how much you can actually tell with words. The Right Words.


Google says, content is King. I say, in fact it isn’t. It is you who empower your content to reign over lame and poorly delivered messages. In this share economy we are experiencing now, first you create buzz, then you make your voice heard in it. It is exactly what a copywriter’s task is.


Copywriters are no word jugglers, although they can easily make it or break it with just one move. They can describe a brand before it exists, or they can ruin it at the ultimate stage of its recognition. What’s the key? Attention. Peer-to-peer communication forces us to speak the same language with our customers. Break the ice. Learn to listen.


With a solid background in studying contemporary cultural trends, I observe yesterday’s radio-n-TV generation turning into today’s totally digital people of the Web 2.0 era (as defined by Pete Cashmore, Mashable’s CEO). Highly visualized digital content is not only about images and videos. It’s also about text, a linear sequence of verbal signs we perceive visually. In this context your task is to make your target audience read. It’s not enough just to catch their attention with an inventive title or slogan, you have to make them stay and show up their loyalty. Spoon-feed them with your brand values in long term.


How would anyone have learnt about Jesus’ deeds if it was not for his disciples? How would anyone learn about your success if it is not for people spreading and sharing the news? Your content marketing skills are the key to unlock their interest. Trace the history of your falls and rises, build your brand’s “biography” and present it to the audience, either on your Facebook Timeline or in some corporate brochure.  Every word matters. Don’t miss a single one.

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