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29 Nov

Web Analytics Evolving: Web to Digital, Session-based to User-Centric



For one interested in web analytics, even a quick look at the niche conferences and events discussions topics could be enough to see that we are facing two strong trends in the world of web data mining and analysis. An in-depth research will only prove that we are in the process of a new web analytics paradigm being born.

The two cornerstones of the emerging approach are:

breaking the limits of web (migration to Digital definition), and

stepping away from click-streamed session-based analytics (Personas/Visitors concept revitalizing).

Both trends have very strong time, industry and consumer demands behind, and quite astonishing technical and business perspectives ahead.

Web to Digital: Words Game or a Strong Move?

Quick note: one of the most influential and opinions forming institution, Web Analytics Association, was renamed to Digital Analytics Association in March, 2012, “to reflect growth across mobile, social and evolving marketing channels”.
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28 Nov

How to Reduce SEO Costs



If you look at any of the thousands articles about SEO, you’ll definitely see that every author speaks about on-site and off-site SEO factors. And the fact that only 1 of 50 commercial websites has strong on-site SEO factors makes me really confused: if it’s so simple and essential, why business owners ignore them? I think the answer is simple: no one wants to make changes in a ready-to-work website postponing it’s launch or confusing visitors with the new navigation menus.

That’s why we collected TOP-10 recommendations for your on-site SEO factors optimization without making significant changes in the website structure and navigation: Read more

22 Nov

3 Google Analytics Dashboards for PPC Specialists

ppc-google-analyticsSince we have discovered that Google Analytics can be helpful for SEO specialists, I just had to create some similar piece of web analytics art for those who use PPC for website promotion.

As I said in the previous article, custom dashboards is where your fantasy can fly, but at first we need to determine the specific metrics and areas which are necessary for really useful and meaningful dashboards.

So, an average PPC specialist can be interested in:

1. The detailed information about all PPC Campaigns components such as:

  • Ad groups
  • Ad contents
  • Keywords
  • Ads positions

2. The “perfect time” (the most click able and converted) for your paid ads
3. The PPC information on different geographical areas
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19 Nov

SEO Audit: Most Common On-Site Issues and How to Avoid Them

on-site-seo-auditContinuing my series of SEO Audits, at this time, I have decided to look at the most common On-Site problems that have a crucial impact on overall website online presence, while mainly do not require advance technical knowledge in order to be fixed.

Problem #1. Website’s Content

All the world’s recognised SEO specialists are constantly repeating – “Content is a KING” and I fully agree with them. However, most of website owners disregard this most important part of their online assets, using non-unique content or elements that cannot be indexed by search engines (e.g. IFrames, Flash technologies, etc.) All of the above negatively affect the website online presence from failing to get indexed to various sanctions, penalizations, and filters.
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16 Nov

Best Practices for Remarketing

google-adwords-remarketing Remarketing is not a new option provided by Google AdWords and it allows an advertiser to literally chase people who have visited the website before, with ads across the entire Google Display Network. Hope you have already used this feature in you AdWords campaign, and now it’s time to upgrade your skills with some fresh ideas in this post.


  • Making special offers

Imagine the following situation: there is a user who has visited pages with the products you have enough in stock and would like to promote. It could be one particular product or even a group of them. So, you should make a separate remarketing list where you add all users that visited the pages with those goods and did not buy them. After users leave your site without making a conversion (for example, purchasing), you start showing them an ad with a special offer like, for example,  a discount, +1 extra unit, free shipping, etc.  You can make it a limited offer and disclose this information only to users from your AdWords remarketing list, while hiding it from other visitors of you website. Read more

15 Nov

5 Tips to Make Your Facebook Timeline Great

facebookIt’s true that since Facebook introduced Timeline early in 2012, there has been much buzz around it. This visual turn has a huge impact on businesses, and their fan page now just HAD to accept it or… lose it. Months over months we’ve been keeping an eye on these major changes, and now compiled a list of tips that will help you stay relevant and make your Facebook fan page really engaging.

Tip #1. More pictures

We’re living in the era of visualization. According to some marketing assumptions, Facebook users spend just a few seconds assessing your fan page before leaving it. But you can make them stay. There’s no such other powerful medium as images – it takes just one glance to get hooked. Don’t forget to use this channel and turn your fan page into a bountiful kaleidoscope of funny and eye-catching pictures that will turn everyone’s eyes to your business. Make them viral – Facebook users are getting lazier, and your engaging pictures will require just one click to get shared. Over and over.

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08 Nov

Your Way Out of Google Penguin Trap


In the previous post about Google Penguin we’ve tried to understand the main principles of the new algorithm and define its “target audience”. All tips were dedicated to avoiding penalization by Google Penguin.

This time we’ll define the master plan for websites which have been already penalized by Google Penguin and now have to deal with the aftermath.

First of all let’s take look at the main symptom of penalization by Google Penguin: dramatic decrease in organic traffic from Google a few days after April, 24th. If the chart of organic traffic from Google in your Google Analytics account shows something like you see on the picture above, your website is very likely to have been hit by Google Penguin.
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05 Nov

Google Analytics: Dashboards for SEO

google-analyticsThere are so many various features and functions in Google Analytics that sometimes you run the risk of drowning in this ocean of data. If you have no time to look through all standard reports, you’d better collect all required dimensions and metrics and create your own custom dashboard.

Custom dashboards are where your fantasy can fly. Every specialist can adjust them for particular purposes and business processes. Let’s see how to create a custom GA dashboard for SEO.

Let’s define areas which may be interesting for SEO specialists:

  • Organic traffic sources
  • Best-performing keywords which send target traffic to your site
  • Top countries
  • Landing pages
  • The number of visits and conversions

Keeping all these dimensions and metrics in mind, I have created several dashboards with overviews of the points important for SEO. Let’s take a look at them.
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01 Nov

SEO Audit: Most Common Technical Issues and How to Avoid Them

seo-auditEvery time I do SEO audits for corporate websites, I am surprised how many of the revealed problems could have been avoided at the earliest possible stage. Still, it is what makes it interesting for analyzing. In the article below I will provide you with the insights to the most common technical mistakes I encounter during such a challenging task as SEO-auditing.


Problem #1. The website is accessible both with www and without it

This is the first thing I check before getting down to thorough website analysis. From my practice almost every single website is accessible in both versions, either remaining with the same URL address or redirecting to the other version when typing in the domain name into the browser bar with or without www. This issue will badly affect the website’s search results – two identical versions create duplicated content, which is treated as a violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines.
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29 Oct

5 Twitter Mistakes to Lose Your Followers



Every commercial brand on Twitter struggles to keep its audience. For some companies it is a real pain, since people unfollow them with no apparent reason, while others thrive with their multi-thousand community of dedicated followers and exponentially growing sales. Here we are with top 5 mistakes you should avoid to retain your precious followers.

Mistake 1: Automatic direct messages

Although it is great to receive a decent “thank you for following Xbrand”, any of the messages you send directly to your followers should be as personalized as possible. Show your human side – people hate being treated just as any others. Point out the value you put into every follower. And call him/her to action: visit, read, learn, buy and then… buy again. Don’t waste any opportunity to lead them to your website.

Mistake 2: Hashtag stuffing

It is natural that you want your tweets to be found easily, but don’t get on everyone’s nerves posting something like “I couldn’t believe my eyes! #joy #photo # kids #mommy”. After all, that’s annoying. You’d better use hashtags for entering conversations, for example, via ( – this hashtag service may be helpful in many ways.
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