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25 Oct

5 Tips to Improve Your AdWords Ads

google-adwordsFor Internet users the biggest part of your AdWords campaign remains behind the scene, while an ad is its only visible element. They judge you by only 4 text lines of your ad copy: the headline, 2 description lines and display URLs, and that is all to impress them.

Here we are with some extra tips about how to improve your ads and make them more eye-catching to users.

1.   Organize your keywords in tightly relevant ad groups. It sounds trite, but it really guarantees success. A detailed structure will let you write more relevant ads according to your keywords.


Ad group Socks: red socks, green socks, buy red socks, red striped socks, green checked socks.

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22 Oct

A Closer Look at Post-Penguin SEO Tactics

google-penguin-updateThe new anti-spam Google Penguin algorithm has provoked much buzz in the digital marketing world recently. Since April 2012, when it was launched, till now endless reviews and blogposts have been published with the single aim to reveal what is so really dangerous about Google Penguin. Everyone seemed concerned about just one thing – how to protect the website from Penguin, retain its high Google rankings and generate tons of highly targeted traffic.

Google Penguin holds in awe even such major SEO-sources as SEOmoz and Search Engine Land, giving birth to numerous superstitions and myths. Now it is time to break the most dangerous and confusing myth about it, namely – Penguin can throw your website off the search because of your “wrong” external links portfolio.
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