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10 Dec

SEO Audit: Most Common Off-Site Issues and How to Fix Them

off-site-auditFinishing the series of SEO Audits posts I have decided to look at Off-Site issues. Off-Site issues are very common for clients’ sites and badly affect overall website online presence, its organic traffic and conversions from it. Let’s have a look at 4 most common issues:

1. Amount of Backlinks

Very often I audit established sites that have been online for ages and offer various services or sell products. However, I am always surprised how most of them miss this great opportunity to build good amount of natural links pointing to their sites. Just imagine, for instance, you are a company that offers websites solutions, so why not ask/request your clients to place on their sites a small link “Powered by XZY”?

2. Quality of Backlinks

The second most common and crucial issue is the quality of backlinks. Very often I come across the backlinks that are coming from very low quality and totally unrelated sites, sites with dozens of spam links, generally speaking, from sites created for search engines, rather than for visitors. Personally, I would recommend avoiding such sites by carefully choosing sources where you add links to you site. Do not run your site down into so-called “link-farms”.

3. Types of Backlinks

“Do not put all your eggs in one basket…”

This idiom should for certain be in your mind while creating backlinks for the site.  Always try to diversify your backlink portfolio: various source types, anchor, no anchor, URL, etc. Obviously, there are 5-10 most common link types of link building, but be more creative, there are plenty of other ways to get links to your site, besides the link building.  Make your links coming from sources of various types, with various anchors, using general words (“click here”, “visit”, etc).

4. Social Media Presence

Since the past year or so, social media presence has started gaining more and more popularity for companies. Most of companies create their profiles to the most popular social media sites. However, there is still a lot of websites that have never ever had any social media signals via media buttons that could spread a word about them across the world. Stop missing this opportunity, add social media buttons to your site and give visitors the opportunity to talk about you, to express their opinions, ideas, which can be used in your business decision making process.

Fixing the issues above will not only allow you creating the most powerful, natural and clean backlink portfolio that is the heart of Off-Site SEO, but also help you gain good reputation for both of your online and offline presence.

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