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22 Feb

SESLondon 2013: Key Words and Key Notes

ses-london-2013-keynotesThat’s been a lot happening around at SESLondon, both at the stage and while networking breaks. There has been plenty of food for thought aired up,  lots of hands shaken and surely lots of words said.

In all that buzz, there were certain keywords repeated every so often. In fact, they could shape up a fairly good-looking keyword cloud, with the following words (and phrases) highlighted in big bold font: Content, Context, Content Marketing, Link Building Is Dead, Social Is About Humans, Programmatic Marketing, and Optimize.

All these keywords are proper candidates for forming an upcoming Internet marketing paradigm: things indeed are changing, and one in the industry no longer can step over these things.

Let’s take a closer look at these key words and phrases.

Content, Context and Content Marketing

SEO is finally married to Content. Period.

Finally, Googlers’ dreams do come true: SEOs are now concerned about quality, relevant and linkable content more than ever before. This major shift from having lots of great SEO-valued links to having lots of cool, users-liked content did happened, and it’s now a matter of time for the industry to fully absorb and use it.

One of the most important things to remember here is being in context. Even if you have a best-on-the-planet bit of content, but it’s out of context, you’re busted. Keep checking whether you go (and lead your clients) with the flow, otherwise your risks are increased big time.

Another sub-word to keep in mind is “curated”. Curated content is our prince now, yet to be King Arthur one day.

Link Building Is Dead

No one ever said it out loud, but rumour does have it: at the bottom of your heart, please keep up your faith and don’t stop link building!… Joking, of course. Link building is more alive than ever, that’s just the methods, tools and approaches that SEOs use are way different from what they were a year ago. One really has to forget link exchanges and do shift to content marketing, but the essence is the same. We did build links, we do build links, and we will build links, no matter what happens. That’s just the type, source and frequency which vary.

Social Is About Humans

In fact, social is ALL about humans. Marty from Aimclear did a great job showing everyone at SESLondon how exactly one can use human nature for advanced targeting. “Target the whole human” was the message, and indeed one can’t just miss out negative targeting (e.g. users who hate Apple are more likely to love Samsung, etc.). Related but not always obvious interests connections can supercharge your conversion rates: who would ever guess that underaged weed smokers in the UK are great pizza lovers?!.. And this indeed drives sales. And money. And revenue.

Programmatic Marketing

This definition sits in between of several terms. Pragmatic, Programmed, Re-Marketed – all those are related. To me, this is the future of the paid traffic as we all know it now.  Technology opportunities are almost unlimited, and it’s now the matter of marketing intelligence to domesticate this beast and turn it to a lovely and likeable pet you can pat on the back every time you see it.

Platforms like Chango and Acquisio are pioneering the new way of interaction with customers and prospects. RTB will be huge over the coming years, and it’s better to catch the opportunity now.

And, finally…


Thanks to Lee Odden from TopRank for this word in this context. This is something everyone needs to do, apart from outreaching, mastering, curating, crafting, writing, posting, blogging, etc.

Optimize the way you work, whether it’s answering Facebook comments, dealing with client issues, giving insights to your employees, building prospects landscape or just listening to peers.


There’s always space for improvement. Really. Always. In the end, your limits are in your head, just as everything else.

Thanks SESLondon for lifting up my spirits; that’s the most valuable outcome that I have as a business owner, CEO, and a professional with years of experience. We do keep it going.

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