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07 Dec

Social Cross-Linking: How It Works for Your Brand on Facebook

social-cross-linkingIt is unlikely that a brand promoted on social media employs only one social network, and I will tell you why. Once a business has decided to go social, it is practically impossible to resist the temptation to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Flickr and even… wait… MySpace! Brands move to the Internet’s social side because it is apparently easy – frequently it takes just a few minutes to set up your brand page. So what? We have a bunch of your social profiles, but they hardly perform as great as you would like them to, right? In the article below we will tell you about one perfect way to boost your social visibility with cross linking your social profiles.

Facebook <-> Twitter

God save the Facebook developers, since they know what your brand really needs. Now with the introduction of Timeline, every brand can enjoy up to 12 tabs – you can fill them with custom apps, your photos, videos, etc. to engage your audience. Save one tab for Twitter! Here we are, step by step:

1. Set up your Twitter account and don’t forget to connect it to Facebook in the Profile section of your Settings:


This will help you make your Facebook feed more relevant and facilitate this task of regular Timeline updates.

2. Seek out free Twitter app providers and cross-link your Facebook with Twitter. There are a plenty of them, but my favorite is Involver:

Involver (

This free app integrates your Twitter with Facebook in a few minutes, while leaving no traces of a third-party provider’s presence on this tab:


Apart from Twitter to Facebook integration, Involver provides the same free Facebook apps for RSS feed, YouTube, Flickr and static HTML.

Here is how it looks on Timeline:


Now that both of your social profiles are much easier to reach, you can really expect more Twitter followers in a short term. I frequently say that people on social networks are lazy, so don’t get them bored, just show how to find you quickly and easily.

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