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28 Feb

TOP-5 Things SEO Specialists Often Forget

top-5-seo-thingsSearch Engine Optimization is a complicated multi-stage process which lets the website hit top positions on Google. Sometimes SEO professionals tend to forget about some SEO wisdom which often determine the future success of the project. Let’s take a look at these points to understand what we should concentrate on while starting an SEO project. One small remark: we’ll speak about promotion in competitive niches. So, let’s take a look:

1. Top-notch websites take top places

Before starting an ambitious SEO campaign, make sure the website you’re working with is really worth top places on Google for your keywords. Explanations like “customers only need to see my phone number” don’t work. The website should have a good design and be easy-to-use for visitors. Otherwise you run a risk of being wiped out from the top-10 results in the next visit of a Google assessor.

2. Competitive niches require more content than usual

There is no mystery why particular websites stick to the first 3 places on Google for competitive keywords, while others don’t come higher than first 50 results: this is content. It’s all about content, and you have no chance to break into the competitive top if you don’t have tons of useful unique content on your website. So, take a look at your website: if it contains 20 pages of normal content in the niche of software development, maybe you need to invest primary budgets in your website’s  SEO.

3. Good optimization means a well-optimized website, not only a landing page

Sometimes it’s hard to explain to a website owner why you need to add metatags and content to many pages of his or her website. But it’s hard to overestimate the role of good onsite optimization for the future SEO performance of the website.

4. Relevancy is everything

There are a lot of articles telling you about how to earn links to your website. But sometimes SEO professionals, chasing for high SEO stats and PR, forget about one simple rule – backlinks must be relevant. Non-relevant links work too, for sure. But don’t be surprised if another website will take your place on SERP with lower amount of backlinks.

5. Positions and conversions are not the same

Chasing top positions on Google, webmasters and SEO professionals often forget about the fact that good positions on SERP may not bring the business what it’s really looking for, i.e.  sales or other types of conversions. Your keyword list should be adjusted timely with a focus on the most effective keywords for the business.

Keeping in mind these easy SEO rules will help you avoid the most problems in the course of your SEO campaign.

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