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17 Jan

You Get What You Pay For, or Low Cost SEO Services

low-cost-seo-servicesVery often I come across various statements, but always with the same meanings such as “…we have received much cheaper offers, we were guaranteed to get in TOP1 within a month”, and so and so forth.

Having nearly a 4-year working experience in SEO, I can certainly say that such offers are not fair from the SEO services providers’ perspective. Let’s have a close look to this.

Low Cost SEO Services = Site’s Death

Opting for low cost services you are sentencing your site, finance and time to death. Just imagine for a second, what kind of services will you get if your per-hour payment is lower than the local minimal hour wage is? Imagine that the company runs more than 2 projects, what time per hour would be allocated to your project? My guess is as less as possible.

Thus, it is more likely that all of SEO works for your website will be done automatically, using various Black Hat SEO software and techniques, which violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines – using automated programs or services to create links to your site.

Another crucial part of every White Hat SEO service is using unique content. For this budget, SEO companies would not allocate any time for unique content creation, and would use not unique one, which is also another violation of Google‘s Webmaster Guidelines.

The list could be continued forever, but I hope the two clarifications mentioned above will help you to understand why low cost SEO services are cheap and how damaging they are for your online business.

TOP 1 SERP Placement Guarantee

This is an old tale that is still used by outsourced low cost SEO companies. Any search engine is a third-party company that cannot be manipulated by any SEO company, despite its authority, size or geographic location. Certainly, most of SEO companies in the market do fully comply with webmaster guidelines and push their clients’ websites to TOP. However, search engines keep changing and updating their algorithms very often causing your SERP to fluctuate accordingly, thus there is NO TOP 1 SERP placement guarantee and it cannot be. Do not take the bait!

We want TOP 1, Right Now and Forever!

Another most common pitfall that online business owners trap into is the desire of rankings rather than leads and conversions. Do not run after rankings, because they can be low competitive, with very small global/local monthly searches and rather informative than commercial keywords. Always ask your SEO agency and yourselves, will we get targeted traffic, will the traffic convert according to our business goals? Thus, rankings are not that important nowadays, as they used to be a few years ago. The lead is your foundation for effective online business!

No doubt, there are some projects that require rather polishing than building on-site SEO from the scratch and they cost far less. However, most of the projects involve lots of professional expertise investment, which a priori cannot be cheap, i.e. cannot be low cost.

Hopefully, the facts I mentioned above will help you understand some drawbacks of low cost SEO services and their techniques. Avoid such baiting and fully benefit from having a healthy online business.

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