ROI Tracking

Turning clickstream data to the series of actual and actionable reports drives the online success. Running web projects without proper analytics & ROI tracking being setup is very similar to walking blind in the darkness: you do move but you never know where you are and what your next step will bring you.

We treat web analytics & ROI tracking as the only way to measure our performance and, consequently, our clients’ success. Our services cover all aspects of web analytics, from consulting & current situation analysis, to advanced integration & staff training.  

Our analysts approach every project fully armed with the knowledge necessary to identify:
  • whether the current traffic is in line with the business goals and expectations;
  • how business success is measured and which metrics should be added to the current analytics mix to make the reports as transparent as needed;
  • what the existing conversion goals are and how they are reflected on the stats;
  • how the website visitors’ profile looks like;
  • which traffic sources work best for the business, and
  • all other information needed to give a comprehensive review of the current situation and provide solid improvement recommendations.
Apart from the comprehensive analysis, our Analytics & ROI Tracking services include: 
  • Google Analytics profile optimisation: Goals, Filters, Custom reports & Advanced segments setup;
  • applying web analytics data to legacy CRM systems;
  • advanced traffic sources effectiveness tracking;
  • integration of web analytics data to business processes;
  • web analytics & Google Analytics training & webinars for our clients’ employees.